Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tight skirt.... ummm it didn't work......

Today at lunch I went to my favorite hole in the wall. And to my surprise I went to pay for my meal but it was paid in advance. I asked the cashier who paid the 15.00. She pointed to a skirt in the corner.... And low and behold it was stalker in a sequin silver skirt.  I was blinded by the disco ball like skirt. I thought sparkle was saved for special occasion. I guess the old rules are changing to modern rules.The sparkle will catch the eye but the ugliness inside certainly wouldn't. I told the cashier to return the money and I would pay for my own meal. She refused, so I just left the money on the counter and left out! My stalker followed behind yelling and screaming "who do you think you are ?" I walked away quickly to the nearest escape route. I needed to think on what to do next.  Ahh call the police! And with their normal slow arrival, she was gone like a ghost. Just another sheet of paper wasted, the police report has been filed.

I called Mama and my girls to check their safety. And all was well on the homefront.

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