Monday, July 30, 2012

Dinner with The Donnells: Cajun Burgers

Dinner with The Donnells: Cajun Burgers: I was at home a few weeks ago and my Dad was raging about some hamburgers he had made.  He talked about them so much that I decided I neede...

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Tonight I got a frantic phone call from my nephew. His girlfriend of 2 years has slept with the new neighbor. She said it was an accident....
No one knows what kind of accident leads you to pull down your panties and let a new neighbor dive in.
Will he forgive her? Can he trust her? Only time will tell.

Advice please.....

Monday, July 23, 2012

High Heels & Good Meals: What's Cooking with Trice!?! BAKED ZITI!!!

High Heels & Good Meals: What's Cooking with Trice!?! BAKED ZITI!!!: Hey Dolls, It's been quite a while since my last recipe post.  I tend to do a lot more experimenting in the kitchen during the summer bec...

She is not WINNING!

Please explain why people assist those that aren't doing good deeds.... At fifty years old you know better than to help! Last evening as I sat the trash out I saw an older woman walking toward my home, of course I payed no attention. Maybe I should have.

That older woman was going through my TRASH after I had gone in.... My neighbor yelled at her to stop. She didn't flinch. My good neighbor called me and then the police. As I rushed back down the stairs she began spraying an unknown substance around my  front door and windows. We still don't know exactly what it was.

 No sooner than she turned to dump more trash on the street a police siren was heard in the distance. So then she began putting the bags of STINK trash in her car. What is she looking for? We still don't know..... Oh yea, I recycle so it shouldn't be cans!

I felt helpless and like a punk. I'm too manly to get punked! Bling! Light bulb. So I just ran to my back door to get out the house and around to the front. Once she saw me she began shouting something in alien talk and then drove off.

She was long gone once the police arrived, the sirens we heard went right past my home to a robbery in progress. But I was being robbed too, kinda LOL.
When the did police arrived I had the tag number written down and all the details I could remember.

Again, another police report to log.

My stalker is getting outrageous. My trash isn't even safe!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not another one.....Lawn man

Tonight a young man rang my doorbell to see if I needed help with lawn care.  He pushes a napkin in my hand. I told him No, thanks. I have that napkin outside to see if it was laced with gasoline or some explosive. LOL. I dunno my stalker has me thinking a little off the wall sometimes.

 The young man then proceeds to explain why his service would win me an award with HOA. Umm, we don't have HOA on a city block! Duh. With each word he would try to peek inside the door and even touching the door trying to push it back. I had to become firm and slam the door in his face. I watched out of the window to see if he would go to another home on the block. No, he didn't. He drove off rather loudly in a raggedy pick up truck while leaving his unpleasant scent.  Oh yea, of course I captured  his face and the tag on my hidden camera.......

FYI:There is no company listed by the name he had handwritten on a napkin.

Friday, July 13, 2012

BeautyFash {from Sequins to Cilantro!}: Simple Eats: Whole Wheat Angel Hair Pasta & Grille...

BeautyFash {from Sequins to Cilantro!}: Simple Eats: Whole Wheat Angel Hair Pasta & Grille...: One rule that applies to clean eating is simply: keeping it simple.  Simple meaning: using a few fresh ingredients and spices to create a he...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tight skirt.... ummm it didn't work......

Today at lunch I went to my favorite hole in the wall. And to my surprise I went to pay for my meal but it was paid in advance. I asked the cashier who paid the 15.00. She pointed to a skirt in the corner.... And low and behold it was stalker in a sequin silver skirt.  I was blinded by the disco ball like skirt. I thought sparkle was saved for special occasion. I guess the old rules are changing to modern rules.The sparkle will catch the eye but the ugliness inside certainly wouldn't. I told the cashier to return the money and I would pay for my own meal. She refused, so I just left the money on the counter and left out! My stalker followed behind yelling and screaming "who do you think you are ?" I walked away quickly to the nearest escape route. I needed to think on what to do next.  Ahh call the police! And with their normal slow arrival, she was gone like a ghost. Just another sheet of paper wasted, the police report has been filed.

I called Mama and my girls to check their safety. And all was well on the homefront.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Clap your hands and shout!

Well today at church there was a visitor. Yea, my stalker. I saw the huge hat she was wearing before she turned to wink.  She stood up clapping and shouting so much until all eyes were on her today. She is such an attention whore so this was all in her plan. I looked but I then looked away!  All I can do is shake my head. What should I do? Do I inform the church of what's going on? Do I just ignore her? I've contacted my detective.....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Night nurse....

She was up to her old tricks again....All I can do is just hope she gets another victim sooner than later!
I had a small gathering on July 4th so the house was buzzing. The evening set in and we all began to calm down. After a few cocktails none of us were paying attention to much of anything but a few fireworks in the back yard. My daughter which was going in and out that day had forgotten to lock the front door. I noticed there was a light on in the back room on the second floor. And to our surprise a woman dressed as a nurse was rumbling around my house! Standing there shocked I froze. As she eased her way to the door she claimed that she was sent to check on my mother. My mother isn't sick! I didn't call for a nurse and neither had any of my neighbors or guests. Of course it was none other than my stalker sending a spy, again. The nurse makes a run for it. No one can catch her as she sprints around the corner to a waiting car. The car had no tags so it maybe stolen.Again the police arrived, took a report and a copy of the video that was captured. Details to come.........