Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not another one.....Lawn man

Tonight a young man rang my doorbell to see if I needed help with lawn care.  He pushes a napkin in my hand. I told him No, thanks. I have that napkin outside to see if it was laced with gasoline or some explosive. LOL. I dunno my stalker has me thinking a little off the wall sometimes.

 The young man then proceeds to explain why his service would win me an award with HOA. Umm, we don't have HOA on a city block! Duh. With each word he would try to peek inside the door and even touching the door trying to push it back. I had to become firm and slam the door in his face. I watched out of the window to see if he would go to another home on the block. No, he didn't. He drove off rather loudly in a raggedy pick up truck while leaving his unpleasant scent.  Oh yea, of course I captured  his face and the tag on my hidden camera.......

FYI:There is no company listed by the name he had handwritten on a napkin.

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