Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Food Fashion and Flow: Key Lime Parfaits

Food Fashion and Flow: Key Lime Parfaits: Key Lime pie is one of those desserts that screams SUMMER, but it is so refreshing and delicious, it would be a shame to only indulge...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Embracing The Real Me: Recipe: Jambalaya w/Rice

Embracing The Real Me: Recipe: Jambalaya w/Rice: Now that it is getting ready to get cold, it is time to pull out the soups, chilli's and other warm to the body recipes.  Here is one of m...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fightin Friday!

Yes, there was a fight today at work. When they charged at each other I wanted to yell "o-lay". I've never seen grown women fighting in the workplace like two raging bulls. I took this personal. Why? Because I hired one after she forget the interview the first time and I helped the other keep her job during a tough time. There was all my hard work down the drain. Of course the fight started during  a staff breakfast.......

What really happen????? The two ladies are fighting over a male co-worker. Yes, you read correctly a MAN. But what really gets me, is that about 8 other people got involved and may lose their jobs.......

Friday, September 14, 2012

The gangs of workplace 2012

After our lunch the other day I felt tension between a few of the employees. The HEAT is on!

The office is now broken into two gangs, the ringer slingers and the lonely losers. Hey, I didn't make up the names I just over heard one of the employees taking bets on which group with blow a fuse first. At first I was going to ignore it. But today was the boiling point.....

Let's call her Mae, she became angry with me  personally. Why? Because I made her feel like an old-maid. Now how I did that is still a blurr to me. I didn't know her during her prime years when she could have gotten a date! And if I did she still wouldn't have been my type.

 Mae casually asked for a group coffee/chat but this time she came with ammunition. She asked everyone questions about their marriage and current lovers.  It became uncomfortable with some of the probing.  Finally, she called Lynda a baby mama,Sheila a high paid married hoe and Rasheed a deadbeat dad.  After everyone was stunned for 30 seconds, the gangs began to get up and into each others faces. Mae must have discussed her intentions because the room was clearly divided.

Today was the first time in work history that security had to be called. It was close to 4pm so everyone  was let go early to cool off . Security escorted one person at a time to make sure no fighting occured in the office park.

Mae is not my direct report and her boss was upset that an innocent coffee chat turned so ugly. A few of my employees are nervous and frighten for the safety of the office.

What should be done if anything? How would you handle lunches and coffee breaks from now on?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

I hope I don't offend......Fairytale village!

Here goes.....
Today I met with a few co-workers for lunch and we speak candid to each other. So I asked "why aren't any of you ladies married?" It's something I wondered for a long time. The all appear nice,kind,well groomed and educated. One  lady that is 49, no kids, never married and not currently dating  said she would bite. She answered there aren't any good men. I looked with disgust because "i'm a good man". Now let me get back on track and back to the issue at hand.

What is a good man? I find it hard to believe in the past i'll say 30 years she's never met any good available man, not one! I'll bet she has.... But the old saying comes to mind beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And pick your poison. Once I remember a date told me that she likes me but didn't like my  dreadlocs and to cut them asap or it was over. I told  her "no, I refuse. But good we stop seeing each other because I couldn't stand another day of smelling your stank jeri curl juice." LOL But the point is that a physical, cosmetic has changed but character and personality is still good and the same.

The older we get sometimes the more unreasonable requests we demand without even batting an eye.  After a few more questions all of the ladies began commenting on what they thought the perfect mate should be. I am shocked that women who have  advanced degrees,traveled, changed states, and experienced life are still hoping for a fairytale life.

Now people share with me what advice would you give a person who is still hoping for a knight in shining amour at 50 years old! I had no idea what to tell these ladies......
Have you passed on a great person to grow with looking for a fairytale?????

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Home sweet home.....

It's been over a week since my family was displaced. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed and the scent of your own sheets.

So during my time away i've been asked by my job to transfer south west. I have a few months to take the offer. I was working from my secret spot and it gave me clarity.

No more stalker
Fresh start
More money
Larger home
Closer to my early retirement package....

Adjustment for family
Selling my home
I must purchase 2 new cars
Ummm meeting new boo or bootay call
Getting a new routine

I just don't know yet. But I do know if I stay there maybe more trouble.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

this wife bakes: Oh so nice I had to post it TWICE: Red Velvet Cake...

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Food Fashion and Flow: Spicy Fingerlickin Hot Wings

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