Monday, September 10, 2012

I hope I don't offend......Fairytale village!

Here goes.....
Today I met with a few co-workers for lunch and we speak candid to each other. So I asked "why aren't any of you ladies married?" It's something I wondered for a long time. The all appear nice,kind,well groomed and educated. One  lady that is 49, no kids, never married and not currently dating  said she would bite. She answered there aren't any good men. I looked with disgust because "i'm a good man". Now let me get back on track and back to the issue at hand.

What is a good man? I find it hard to believe in the past i'll say 30 years she's never met any good available man, not one! I'll bet she has.... But the old saying comes to mind beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And pick your poison. Once I remember a date told me that she likes me but didn't like my  dreadlocs and to cut them asap or it was over. I told  her "no, I refuse. But good we stop seeing each other because I couldn't stand another day of smelling your stank jeri curl juice." LOL But the point is that a physical, cosmetic has changed but character and personality is still good and the same.

The older we get sometimes the more unreasonable requests we demand without even batting an eye.  After a few more questions all of the ladies began commenting on what they thought the perfect mate should be. I am shocked that women who have  advanced degrees,traveled, changed states, and experienced life are still hoping for a fairytale life.

Now people share with me what advice would you give a person who is still hoping for a knight in shining amour at 50 years old! I had no idea what to tell these ladies......
Have you passed on a great person to grow with looking for a fairytale?????


  1. It is certainly not easy to find a suitable partner but that's not to say it's not possible. I don't ask for anything that I myself don't bring to the table. I know that not everything on my checklist will not be present in one human being but if at least 80% is there then I am very happy.

    1. What's the closest you've found to your perfect mate? I'm just curious.

    2. I've been very close a few times. I agree witht the commenter below that we always pick the wrong ones. I've decided it's time to let God do the picking. He knows the desires of our hearts and will give above and abundantly. In the meantime I will work on bettering myself as a person.

    3. Ok,are you willing to relocate east coast..hmm

  2. All I would tell them is this...Quit looking if you are and concentrate on yourself and God. Once God knows you are ready, He'll have the Right Man find YOU! And don't criticize what God brings you, because we never pick the right ones. We pick what we WANT and not all the time what we need. God knows the desires of our hearts and putting all our trust in Him allows Him to bring us what we want and need all together. Great Blog KT! - JT

  3. great answer...i will share it.