Friday, September 14, 2012

The gangs of workplace 2012

After our lunch the other day I felt tension between a few of the employees. The HEAT is on!

The office is now broken into two gangs, the ringer slingers and the lonely losers. Hey, I didn't make up the names I just over heard one of the employees taking bets on which group with blow a fuse first. At first I was going to ignore it. But today was the boiling point.....

Let's call her Mae, she became angry with me  personally. Why? Because I made her feel like an old-maid. Now how I did that is still a blurr to me. I didn't know her during her prime years when she could have gotten a date! And if I did she still wouldn't have been my type.

 Mae casually asked for a group coffee/chat but this time she came with ammunition. She asked everyone questions about their marriage and current lovers.  It became uncomfortable with some of the probing.  Finally, she called Lynda a baby mama,Sheila a high paid married hoe and Rasheed a deadbeat dad.  After everyone was stunned for 30 seconds, the gangs began to get up and into each others faces. Mae must have discussed her intentions because the room was clearly divided.

Today was the first time in work history that security had to be called. It was close to 4pm so everyone  was let go early to cool off . Security escorted one person at a time to make sure no fighting occured in the office park.

Mae is not my direct report and her boss was upset that an innocent coffee chat turned so ugly. A few of my employees are nervous and frighten for the safety of the office.

What should be done if anything? How would you handle lunches and coffee breaks from now on?

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  1. I'm assuming all this tension is stemming from the little luncheon (Fairytale Village post). In my 10+ years of working in Corporate America I've learned there are certain things ya just don't bring up for discussion with co-workers. Now if I may circle back to the post about their expectations when it comes to finding a mate I am a firm believer in not settling but you also have to be realistic meaning if he's lacking 3 of the requirements on your 50 item checklist...hmmm you may want to step back and reevaluate. I also tell people quit "searching" that's when it will happen for you. Oh, now back to this post...everyone should start taking their own damn breaks and lunches from now on that will nip all the "gang" drama in the bud (as you can see my tolerance level for shenanigans is close to none;)