Monday, July 23, 2012

She is not WINNING!

Please explain why people assist those that aren't doing good deeds.... At fifty years old you know better than to help! Last evening as I sat the trash out I saw an older woman walking toward my home, of course I payed no attention. Maybe I should have.

That older woman was going through my TRASH after I had gone in.... My neighbor yelled at her to stop. She didn't flinch. My good neighbor called me and then the police. As I rushed back down the stairs she began spraying an unknown substance around my  front door and windows. We still don't know exactly what it was.

 No sooner than she turned to dump more trash on the street a police siren was heard in the distance. So then she began putting the bags of STINK trash in her car. What is she looking for? We still don't know..... Oh yea, I recycle so it shouldn't be cans!

I felt helpless and like a punk. I'm too manly to get punked! Bling! Light bulb. So I just ran to my back door to get out the house and around to the front. Once she saw me she began shouting something in alien talk and then drove off.

She was long gone once the police arrived, the sirens we heard went right past my home to a robbery in progress. But I was being robbed too, kinda LOL.
When the did police arrived I had the tag number written down and all the details I could remember.

Again, another police report to log.

My stalker is getting outrageous. My trash isn't even safe!

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