Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The flowers in the kitchen....

Just when I thought things were calm and back to normal...... She returned with foolishness and flowers.
Once I arrived home I had a strange feeling as I approached my home. I just knew something was wrong. Mama rushed me grinning ear to ear. She was so happy to have new flowers after the kitchen fire or fire bombing should I say.

My mother not being sharp on the game felt compelled to let the delivery guy in the house to set down the flowers.  Oh sure,he claimed they were too heavy for her to carry inside or even set- up. So his smile,good looks and good scent got the best of mama!  She fell for it. And to think after all the years she schooled me about the charms of people...HUMPH!

After two cocktails clarity came...LOL I looked at one flower and knew it just didn't look right. Well it had a wire tap in it. I went outside and down the street , I called the detective that I've been assigned.He told all of us to leave out as normal. About fifteen mins later a squad came to check the house and carefully removed the booby-trapped flowers...... 

I wont know anything for about a week. UGH!

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