Sunday, June 24, 2012

Night Heat

I notice whenever it is extremely warm the stalker of mine gets out of hand with tricks. The last few days have been hot and humid. Tonight she had a young lady approach my family while we were sitting on the front porch. Her spy began to compliment my gardening skills and asking did I have a girlfriend not WIFE to help me out.  Hmmm why not my mother? She was sitting right there taking this event all in. The spy kept focusing on who is the woman in my life and why isn't she there. The spy's next set of questions were more detailed and specific. Her first mistake was mentioning a diner that I took my stalker to and actually mentioned what I ordered without asking me.

The second mistake was saying my daughter's name without us telling her who she was.

The third mistake was mentioning the fire on the back of the house. She wanted to know if my kitchen was complete.

 My mother saw her cellphone recording and asked her why was she doing that? The spy ran off into the night like a puff of smoke.

When you know what you're dealing with it's easier to find the solutions.......

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