Saturday, March 10, 2012

The chaser

After I stopped taking her calls, she began to chase. When I say chase I mean, chase. The internet gave the location of where I work so it was easy  for her to find me. 5'o clock came and a cold chill took over my body. It was like none I have ever felt. So I decided to leave work a few mins later, after the door rusher, Tom. I didn't need any extra drama that day, so I thought.  My stroll to the elevator was silent. The ride was cold and uncanny.  As I hit the large door I took one long breath of the cool winter air, to feel the day's relief. As I turned to my right, and to my surprise she was glaring with a smirk as if she had won the battle.

As our eyes locked I instantly could feel she was not going to greet me as when we first met. The hairs on my neck began to stand up, first off I needed a hair cut, LOL but secondly I knew she had something planned. My feet froze, my brain told them to go left. But I just couldn't. I hailed a taxi in order to evade her drama. She followed. I had wondered if she had my home address. I called home to let mama and girls to batten down the hatches. A war was coming........

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