Monday, February 20, 2012

She wanted more....The Ahh the net!

The Youtube lady and I have been chatting for about six months. She contacted me! So finally we decided to go out for a post-Valentines day dinner tonight, I had other obligations with family on Sunday. She really wanted Sunday since she was off today. But she understood I couldn't cancel on my girls.
  I arrived on-time,with flowers,candy and a gift basket. I took the time to research her channel for her favorite products. Go figure. I assumed, we both enjoyed dinner and the good conversation. I kissed her neck and told her good-night. She sent me an email stating she wanted more. She asked "what kind of man are you?" "How can you turn away from my bread-winning bootay?" I called her to say "I'm a gentleman, and I don't get down on the first night." She laughed and then hung up....
What did I do wrong?????????

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