Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prom and MOM

Ahhh just 3 more weeks until her PROM! EEEK. I remember when I brought her home. I just smile because we've grown and learned so much together. I was a loner until I met her mom. She changed so that changed me. NEVER would I imagine me being a dad.....My now ex-wife is no where to be found. I hired a private detective in 2009 but no luck.
So I am mom and dad! Happy early Mother's Day to me.

A new chapter, I've started all over again. My ex-neighbor gave me her daughter to raise. She felt she was a bad mother. All her adult life  she wanted to be a party girl. She got a chance at her dream when she met the party promoter. The only catch was she couldn't bring her only daughter along for the ride. Her mother and grandmother are now too old to raise children. I don't mind at all. I"ve know my new daughter since she was about 4. And my daughter is excited to have a little sister.

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